6 Bad Habits That Are Detrimental for Your Car Tires

6 Bad Habits That Are Detrimental for Your Car Tires

Detrimental for Your Car Tires

Car tires need regular maintenance as it is essential to enhance longevity and performance of your vehicle. It is also important to prevent road accidents and improve driving experience. However, people are not often aware of the certain bad habits that are costing them huge amounts after tire repair and replacement. The following blog would underline six practices that are causing damage to your car tires. 

Avoid these Six Practices to Maintain Tire Quality

Proper tire handling is extremely crucial to ensure road safety and a smooth driving experience. Here are some of the negative habits that are harmful for your vehicle tires. 

1. Avoiding Routine Tire Check-ups

Reluctance in regular tire check-ups is one of the most common mistakes of every car owner. Regular tire check-ups by professional technicians are essential as it would allow them to identify minor damages like punctures, uneven wear and tire bubbles early on. This would prevent small issues from mounting up to serious damages enhancing tire longevity. 

2. Neglecting Tire Alterations

Tire alteration is crucial to lower the pressure of the front two tires. Due to turning and vehicle weight the front two tires bear the maximum wear. By rotating the tires after every 5,000 to 8,000 miles would allow you to enhance the functionality of the tires as well as to extend the longevity of the tires. It is recommended to visit professional technicians on a regular basis to keep updated about tire rotation requirements. 

3. Avoiding Tire Inflation Pressure 

Tire pressure is extremely important to ensure longevity and to keep the vehicle in control. Tire inflation refers to the amount of air inside a tire and the requirement varies from vehicle to vehicle. Both over inflation and under inflation is detrimental for proper functioning of the tires. To avoid such inconvenience it is recommended to keep a tire gauge handy or to get your tires checked by professionals of the best tire shop in Monroe in LA at least once a month.  

4. Rush Driving Habits

Tires longevity and performance depends on your driving behaviours. Aggressive driving, abrupt braking and speeding can create serious tire damages and wear. Thus, maintaining the recommended speed and other road rules would keep your tire in good shape and enhance their performance. 

5. Overlooking Tire Alignment

Tire alignment is extremely important to keep the tires properly aligned with the road and to ensure that all the tires wear evenly. Neglecting regular check up of tire alignment would diminish tire performance and lead to uneven tire damages. One must keep a notice of whether the car is pulling to one side or going out of control and to get a tire alignment service immediately to avoid further damages. 

6. Improper Maintenance of Tire Cleanliness

Tire cleanliness is not only essential for tire appearance but also has much impact on its performance and lifespan. Regular exposure to dirt, debris and corrosive chemicals reduces tire quality leading to cracking and wear. It is recommended to create a habit of regular tire washing to maintain performance and to enhance longevity. 


Car tires are prone to wear and damage as it carries the maximum pressure of the vehicle and is in direct contact with the road. Regular inspection of tires’ condition and maintenance is extremely important to expand its lifespan and to enhance the performance.